A Positive Approach To Speaking – Interactive

A Positive Approach To Speaking – Interactive

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jun 13, 2024
Course Description

A Positive Approach to Speaking is a course designed to inspire everyone to unleash their natural passion and improve their public speaking. In this course, Sadhana Smiles outlines her practical strategies for positive speaking and shows examples of how enthusiasm is the key to successful presenting and speaking. She explains how to use displayed goals to motivate achievement.


Once this course is completed you will have learned to unlock your passion and enthusiasm, and inspire others by being natural and yourself. You will have learned the importance of storytelling, research and feedback to enhance your presentations. You will be inspired to display goals, to make a difference in the world, and to have pride in your achievements.


Learning Objectives

  • Apply principles from Sadhana Smiles to improve goal setting and public speaking skills
  • Identify how to unlock your passion
  • Use your anxiety energy, stay natural and be yourself
  • Display your goals for self-motivation
  • Seek feedback for improvement