6-Week Stress Less Meditation Challenge

6-Week Stress Less Meditation Challenge

The 6-Week Less Stress Challenge will help you develop a secure and deep sense of wellbeing.

Blisspot Wellbeing
Updated Jun 15, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Create a morning meditation habit to start your day so you commit yourself to daily practice for best results
  • Repeat activation response statements to respond differently to negative situations
  • Release tension from the body through relaxation
Course Description

Do you wake up in the morning overwhelmed by things to do, or with a racing heart? What if you started your day with a guided meditation of just 15 minutes, calming your mind, taking focus away from what's wrong and training your mind on what it is you actually want to experience?

You're about to begin your 6 week Day Activation Mindfulness Challenge. By practising each day for only 15 minutes, you will learn to distinguish between reacting from your past hurts and being in the present moment. You will experience lessened anxiety and stress, and a greater sense of wellbeing and peace. Essentially, it teaches you how to focus on what you want to experience from a place of pure being, rather than focusing on what is 'wrong' with you or others. Gradually, you will leave behind the reactive behaviour that leads to emotional pain, anxiety, and disconnection from yourself and others. By completing this process, you are trained as your own self-therapist and will reconnect with your pure awareness, which is guiding you on your continuous journey.