4 Perspectives on Bullying and Harassment

4 Perspectives on Bullying and Harassment

Seven Dimensions
Updated Jul 13, 2024
Course Description

There are increasing reports of bullying and harassment in the workplace with recent figures suggesting 30% of people experience this. Peter Quarry and Eve Ash discuss how it is defined, how it impacts on health and safety, why some people target others, and the difference between unpleasantness and bullying. Peter Quarry provides tips on how to recognize when bullying and harassment occur, the actions that should be taken and companies’ responsibilities for creating safe work environments. He stresses that organizations need to define bullying and harassment and provide training so that everyone knows when a line has been crossed. A safe workplace is the paramount objective.


Learning Objectives
• What is and isn’t bullying and harassment
• A clear case of bullying
• Unpleasant behavior, but not bullying or harassment
• Disrespect and crossing the line


Interviewer: Eve Ash
Interviewee: Peter Quarry