21st Century Assertiveness - Part 1

21st Century Assertiveness - Part 1

Gain an understanding of how to be more assertive and the role it plays in maintaining good mental health

Updated Jul 25, 2024

What you'll learn

  • Identify areas where you feel you could be more assertive
  • Change how you communicate non-verbally in a practice scenario
  • Apply the learning to be coming more resilient improving your wellbeing
Course Description

Did you know that a lack of assertiveness is one of the most common causes of depression?
The Skillshub 21st Century Assertiveness Part 1 course highlights just how importance assertiveness is in relation to good mental health. This course identifies why assertiveness is an essential resilience factor.
This course has been structured into three short sections: firstly, a learning video, secondly, action-based resources and finally, a quick 3 question quiz to make sure you have fully understood the learning, which has been developed by experienced learning and development specialists.
Once the course is completed, you will be able to apply changes to your communication by what you say, how you say it, and factoring in your non-verbal communication. By understanding these three points, you can put them into practice to become more assertive.